Damien Lamar presents 'AQUARIUS': An Auditory Time Travel Experience, a musical spoken word odyssey crafted and mixed to awaken senses and resonate with your spirit.

This surprise EP is among the newest and latest creations from the innovative mind of Damien Lamar.

"AQUARIUS" arrives on January 26, 2024—a musical spoken word odyssey that will resonate with your spirit and awaken your senses right in time for the upcoming chapter in the Time Traveler's Digest anthology, debuting on March 19, 2024.

This EP is a comprehensive experience where the essence of the music converges with the artist's vision. Feel the flow of Aquarius and position yourself within the narratives, rhythms, and visuals crafted by a true artistic pioneer.

Track listing
Grand Rising
Conduit of Creation
Òpsis Legacy
Temporal Visions
Ma'at's Balance
Awaken, Black One (to be continued)

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