Damien Lamar heads back to his R&B roots with sexy, soulful & layered vocals on his second single, “Liquid Love” taken from the upcoming EP “Sentiments”, this fall which will be released on Damien’s independent label, ProfessorClock Media. 
Now available on all major streaming platforms.

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The intensity of desire
The way you look at me
I just can’t get enough of this feeling
It’s like the air around us
Is made of liquid love
I’m yours for the taking
I know you want it
So, what are you waiting on?

Let my love pour down (yeah)
Like liquid
Once I get it started
You don’t want me to quit (x2)

(Verse 1)
Coming from the inside
Directly into your mind
It’s like nothing you’ll ever find
Liquid Love

Written by Damien Lamar & Christoper Lee Anderson
Produced by Damien Lamar & engless
Mixed by Damien Lamar
Mastered by ProfessorClock Media (US)

Music video produced by Damien Lamar. © 2022 ProfessorClock Records, a division of ProfessorClock Media, Inc.
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