"There is no doubt that, there has always been a great deal of interest in time-travel. This particular theme has been the centre of many science fiction and film works and to be frank, who wouldn't want to time travel and aspire to be a part of this surreal scientific experience? But as of now, it seems that, the reality of an effective time machine is still far from a certainty, however time travel indeed remains a fascinating possibility. The truth is, over the past few decades, the interest in this spectacular scientific possibility has made a very successful transition from the realm of science fiction to the real fields of actual science. where in depth research and development, with or without our knowledge, are underway to give this phenomena a reality." 

             -- Obaidur Rahman: The Mystery
Time Traveler's Digest is an eleven-part audio drama series with a fresh take on history, told through original music, sound effects, and voice acting by some of today's most talented actors and musicians. Each episode brings a whole new story to life using old-time radio-style presentation. Join us as we travel back in time to discover some of the most fascinating people, places, and events in our world's history! Coming Winter 2022, wherever you get your podcasts.

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chapter 8 preview
featuring 8 flash fiction stories
from the forthcoming book
"time traveler's digest"

Audio & Video production by Damien Lamar
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