The day I realized what had gone from being an epidemic became a pandemic, 
I released a full-length visual album to what is now known as the Quadrilogy. 
Sure, it's obscure. 

Sure, it's not radio-ready.

It's my art.

It's avant-garde en audio.

It is sad at times, enlightening, 
and full of wonder. 
​​​​​​​The goal of ‘new adventures’ is to develop an intricate netweave of musicians, dancers, photographers and curators to create a new and fresh approach to the art scene using this organically-growing series.

The recording of the project began in fall of 2011 and has been built using an iPad, a mixer, sound editing tools and VSTs. Created for true listeners and those who appreciate the art of visual sound design. the new adventures of professor:clock (series) is an intentionally-mixed and un-mastered organic project built from a structured compilation of intensely produced music with ultrasonically crafted sounds, elements and energies. Each track is intentionally created and their technical and sonic imperfections are strategically ‘perfect’.

To date, the project is currently four volumes which expand across several sectors of human space//time, offering the audible story of “professor:clock”.
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