The Great Awakening is trending. We are in the midst of a massive energetic shift that is occurring right now. You may already be feeling this energy, and if you're not, you will soon enough. There is a growing sense of compassion and understanding and a time of incredible beauty and creativity, including challenges and hardships. A large percentage of the population is starting to experience a shift in energetic consciousness as they wake up to their full potential. There is a new energy in the air… it's The Shift of the Ages.

As a human collective, we want to change but we don't know how.
From the creator of “The New Adventures of Professorclock, “The Shift of the Ages: An Essay on Enlightenment and Awakening” is a digital short that looks carefully at humanity’s relationship with ourselves, with others, with the Earth, and with our Creator.  Produced by ProfessorClock Media and written and narrated by Damien Lamar,
 “The Shift of the Ages” includes cases and questions for further discussion.
In this ebook, the author encourages a thought-provoking presentation to spark individual growth and offers an additional perspective on living a life full of purpose in today’s rapidly evolving society.
Be a part of something bigger than yourself. Awaken into your purpose for this next shift into consciousness.​​​​​​​
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