is a thrilling digital publication and audio drama. 
Follow the journey of protagonist Demetrius the Wise, 
an ancient Egyptian philosopher, and Kemetic demigod. 
The students must grapple with the implications 
of their decisions while trying to alter historical events 
and confront formidable enemies. 

This novel offers 
an intimate look at 
the future of time travel 
and its impact on humanity.

#TimeTravel #SpeculativeFiction #AfricanDiaspora #ThrillingJourney
Podcast 🚀 October 2022
Magazine 📕 March 2023
Novel 📖  August 2023
Experience the captivating world of Temporal Visions! Immerse yourself in a unique blend of temporal physics and history, brought to life through stunning visuals inspired by Damien Lamar. This 80-page gallery showcases generative AI art, chapter previews, and story excerpts that reveal the creative process and themes explored. With high perplexity and burstiness, explore this imaginative blend of science and fiction as you travel through time.
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