Podcast 🚀 October 2022
Magazine (Book 1)📕March 2023
Novel (Books 2-4)📖 August 2023
Novella (Book 5)📙 May 2024
Short (Book 6)📙 October 2024
Film Series (Book 7) 
🎥  Temporal Visions 👁️ 
June 2024
Time Traveler’s Digest is a speculative fiction series that explores time travel through an Afrocentric lens. Time Traveler’s Digest: An Anthology and podcast is a repository. Find solutions to time paradoxes, as well as mind-bending principles of time and potential remedies to cure years of historic obstruction, oppression and inequality.

Explore a first-of-its-kind journey through time and space, where ancient knowledge meets futuristic technology, as you uncover the secrets of time travel and the fight for balance and harmony in the world.

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