Podcast 🚀 October 2022
Online Magazine 📕 March 2023
Novel 📖  May 2023
Imagine traveling through time and exploring the many possibilities and paradoxes of the past and present. Time Traveler's Digest: An Anthology and "TEMPORAL VISIONS," a new inspirational quarterly publication. 
Discover the story of "Time Traveler's Digest" – an original speculative fiction novel, digital publication, and a Sci-Fi Audio Drama created by ProfessorClock Media​​​​​​​
With over 30 never-before-told stories, poetry, and illustrations, this novella will transport you to new worlds and spark your imagination like no other. But we need your help to bring this exciting project to life. 
By backing our crowdfunding campaign, you can make Time Traveler's Digest a reality and experience the incredible world of time travel.​​​​​​​
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