Demetrius the Wise was a man of many talents and knew many things. But one thing that he was particularly good at was talking, and talking, and talking.  When he started on his dissertation on time travel — a difficult subject to digest in only one sitting fully — everybody in the room fell silent. It was an important subject, but it was also one that could be difficult to understand.

Demetrius walked into his audience of five hundred people, all of them sitting in silence, eager to hear what he had to say. He stood there for a moment, looking out at them before he spoke. His voice was soft and gentle, but everyone could hear him clearly.
“I have come here today to tell you about time travel,” Demetrius said. “I know many of you have heard stories about time travel—about how it can be done and how dangerous it is.”

“But I am here today to tell you that time travel is possible! It has been done successfully by many brave men and women across the world.”

“What I want to talk about today is what might happen if we alter time or manipulate the laws of physics. What would happen if we changed something in the past? What would happen if we changed something in the future?”

“This is not something that should be taken lightly,” Demetrius continued as he walked near a large column and picked up a bottle of beer from an empty table nearby. He took a sip from his bottle before continuing.

Demetrius began: “As you know, time is like a river. And we are like boats on that river. . .” He paused for dramatic effect before continuing, “. . . but just like a boat can't travel upstream or downstream without any help from another force, so too does our life move through time.” Once Demetrius had everyone's attention, he continued, “The question is: how do we change direction? How do we get from point "A" to point "B?”

“This is very important because if you alter time travel, it could affect what happens in your future or past. This is why I advise you not to change anything while you are here today.”
As he spoke those words, time seemed to stop, and it felt like everything was moving in slow motion. The sound of his voice became distorted, and his lips moved slowly.
“I am Demetrius the Wise and time traveling through history.”

“In order to begin your studies at The Academy for Time Travelers, you must recite these mantras aloud before we begin our practice. Say them aloud with me, for they are ‘The Seven Principles of Awareness for Travelers of Space/Time’.”

“It is NOW:TIME. I am aware of the energy of the Universe. The energy of all that is and has ever been, and it is an energy that is both powerful and gentle.”

“It is NOW:TIME. I am aware that space/time is dualistic energy that creates, destroys, and creates again, and it is an energy that can be felt but not seen, heard but not heard, tasted but not eaten.”

“It is NOW:TIME. I always know of my place in time and space as a being of consciousness and light.”

“It is NOW:TIME. I am aware that everything around me is made up of molecules, atoms, and particles which constantly change form.”

“It is NOW:TIME. I know that I, too, am made up of these same molecules, atoms, and particles, and they, too, are constantly changing form. As I change form, so do the molecules, atoms, and particles which make up my body. I can feel this change happening at every level, from the smallest particle to the largest molecule.

“It is NOW:TIME. I know that every atom is intact and healthy, whole, complete, and exactly what I need in any given timeline.”

“It is NOW:TIME. I know that all things exist in a state of constant flux, changing form and shape without end or beginning.”

Demetrius then stepped down from the platform where he stood, overlooking the students, all of whom eagerly awaited their chance to become a personal amanuensis during the coming semester.

He then reached inside his robe and pulled out his favorite instrument, the G.R.I.D., a Geo-Metron Relocation Interdimensional Device, an ancient relic bestowed to him by Queen Isis. The orb began to glow, and a golden-winged scarab appeared, floating in mid-air and surrounded by the geometric shape of the Flower of Life.

Demetrius reached his arms out to his side and exclaimed,
“I am a traveler in time, and I have seen the worlds, and The Universe has witnessed me in return. There is no thing more potent or awe-inspiring than witnessing cosmic consciousness and energy unwind, unfurl and unfold, and to feel matter shift and bend as time changes.”
“Old stars die away, replaced by new ones.”

“Nothing else matters but this moment in space and NOW:TIME!”

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